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Ben Smith

Ben is a calm, adjustable and animal loving person. Ben loves to play guitar and is creative at heart. ben leads a team of the resourceful expert with various social sciences experts and has been keeping the team at the foot in best way now. Ben is a motivator at heart and loves keeping up his team.

Professional background 

  • Psychological counsellor in an hospital  for 3 years
  • Counsellor in child care centre for 5 years
  • Therapist counselor in mental wellness firm for 4 years
  • Heads a team of experts with for past 3 years

Professional experience 

Psychological counselor

  • Assessing the mental condition
  • Planning the treatment as per the patients' needs and environment
  • Maintaining the patients' history
  • Suggesting and using the best technique to counsel the patient

Counsellor in child care centre

  • Assessing the child behavior
  • Planning the recourse action accordingly
  • Taking reconstructive therapies as per the child's needs and abilities
  • Maintaining the child history and sharing it with family members as per the child need
  • Sharing the case with respective supervisor and team , to check on recourse actions

Therapist counselor

  • Treating the patients as per the diagnosed issue
  • Using the therapy suitable for patients as per the case history
  • Maintaining the behavioral journal of the patient during the therapy session
  • Taking the patients inputs to suggest the best of the therapy as the patient profile

Educational qualification 

Master in counseling

Ph.D. in Psychology  (therapeutic counseling psychology)

Additional skills

Ben is adjustable, as his profession requires him to. Ben loves to play guitar and loves to sit down for an occasional musical session with us.

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