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Language Training

Language training

English, French, Chinese, Japanese & Russian 

Is it even possible to learn a language online fully and completely? It there enough material available online where an absolute beginner can soon be called a native speaker? Can online language training be considered the best way to learn a language?

Yes, you can easily learn a language online. Online language training course contains lessons, quizzes, and modules that help the learners learn the language in a fun and interactive manner. We are a leading online course provider that serves different language-learning needs. Whether you need a course that quenches your podcast addiction or on a shoestring budget, we are available to fit your style. We have self-paced courses in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language learners. We also offer rich, engaging and video-based courses in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language.

Our online language learning course touches on the four basic language skills that are speaking, reading, listening and writing by providing you with a mix of audio, video and written material. You are also offered with situational videos were you follow other students and watch their daily activities. You are also offered a chance to hear their conversations in a particular language. You are also provided with a discussion board where you can interact with fellow students and discuss on some particular topics.

We offer interactive features that are specially designed for language learners. Our videos come along with interactive transcripts. This means that when you scroll over a word in the subtitle, you’ll be provided with all the information that includes its translation, pronunciation, meaning and in-context usage examples. In this way, you will be learning a lot of grammar and vocabulary lessons along with following the saying of the folks in the videos. With us, you can get some pronunciation and speaking practice.

In our online language training course, we teach and test all your skills in reading, writing listening and translating. We also offer game-like challenges to train your language skills. In the game-like challenges, you will be pointed out instantly if you make a mistake and will tell how you can improve. We are an indispensable tool for the learners who wish to neutralize their native tongue’s accent and attain native-level fluency. You can compare how a word is pronounced by a native speaker and how you pronounce it. You can also listen and compare how a word in the same language is pronounced in different accents and dialects from different regions.

Why choose our online language training course?

It’s Cheap – Online training course offered by us is remarkably cheap as compared to other websites. We offer unparalleled insights into languages at a cheap price. The cost of learning a language online is so low that it’s now within the reach of everybody. You can easily learn a language without spending too much on it.

It’s accessible – With our online language training course, you can learn a language while having your coffee at home or in the office, on the bus or during your free time. The material is so extensive that it’s virtually impossible for you to escape from it. You can learn it from anywhere and anytime. Our online class never closes, never does lunch breaks, never has holidays.

It’s customizable – Our online language training course has something for everybody. You can learn your language easily where you have full control of your curriculum. With us, you can mix and match elements from different courses, media, and programs and assemble your lessons. You can have the most personal language program to meet all your quirks and requirements for learning. You are free to make your own personal route to fluency.

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