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Consumer Management

Consumer management is one of the most crucial and fascinating fields of marketing which involves the study of consumer psychology. It is a fussy and interdisciplinary subject which involves devoting many hours to research about the behavior of the consumer. Consumer behavior is a wide section which deals with different phases in which a consumer can go through before buying goods and services for his end users. It is acquired as actions of the consumer in the marketplace and hidden objectives for that actions. The study of consumer behavior assumes that a consumer plays a role of an actor in the marketplace.

The study is mainly linked to behavior, psychology, and motivations. The study can be applied in two ways: the range of disciplines borrowed by this subject in order to conduct the research and the number of departments who are interested in conducting consumer behavior research and use this research study in their own academic specification. In the first case, disciplines of economics, marketing, ethnography, anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc. all contribute a good share to the working of consumer behavior research. In the second case, the marketing managers in corporate offices are only interested in knowing the consumer behavior. Moreover, consumer behavior patterns are required by all types of businesses to satisfy their customers and gain better targets.

Consumer behavior is a major interest of social scientists because it helps them to learn a lot about the member's behavior of a particular economic and social group. The study of consumer management mainly involves how the consumer behavior gets influenced by the environment, how can marketing campaigns become enhanced and more appropriate to influence the consumer, and the behavior of the consumer while researching and shopping. 

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Consumer behavior: An interdisciplinary study

Consumer behavior is a very vast and complex subject in which an individual needs to understand its every aspect. It is generally concerned with an individual behavior, relation and response to a particular product. It also includes pre-purchase thoughts and post-purchase consumption of the product. Based on all this research, the business makes changes to its product and modify them to the expectation level of the consumer. Doing your assignment is the first step towards understanding this fascinating world.

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